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Casino Marketing on the right music

47,00 RON

CASINO MARKETING PE MUZICA POTRIVITĂ is not a “How to ...” book. Nor a text marketing book filled with theoretical principles and definitions. It is not a collection of articles written in the marketing column of some magazine covering the gambling industry. Nor a form of reusing the content of a blog on casino marketing. CASINO MARKETING PE MUZICA POTRIVITĂ is precisely what the title says. It’s a book about marketing and casinos that boils down thousands of conversations the author had with casino players and casino professionals, from casino dealers to general managers. It’s the essence of his experience gathered in more than 10.000 days and nights spent in casinos spread over three continents. It is also a book highlighting how passions define and support us through everything we achieve in life. In the author's case, music is a source of inspiration, fueling creativity, which can be used as a metaphor to explain casino marketing. Written by a casino marketer with almost 30 years of experience in this field, this book is – by definition – different from usual marketing books. As a reader, you’ll enjoy finding hidden gems, stories from real casino life, and inspiring connections with songs that belong to the most famous band in the history of music. Hints: check the chapters’ numbering, the intros of the book's four sections, and the suggested playlist! When you finish reading this book, start looking for inspiration inside your passions for your projects and professional life. Build your own playlist!

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